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Christopher H. Hendon, Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor at the state university Oregon and his producer Doran are joined by Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery to discuss, "The role of fines in espresso extraction dynamics", appearing in Sci. Rep., 2024, 14, 5612.

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Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery und Felix Hohlmann sprechen über Barista-Meisterschaften. 

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You Tube Video: Roasting hacks with Roast Rebels and the new Nucleus Coffee Tools Link roaster

A interesting Interview in whihc we discuss the LINK roaster from Nucleus Coffee Tools. 

Coffee Hacks, Insights and some general chat!

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Coffee Capital

Im Interview mit Coffee Capital: Nicoles Haltung zu Meisterschaften und wie sich die Branche in den letzten Jahren verändert hat. 

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Frühstücksfernsehen SAT 1

Kaffee aus dem Kühlregal als schneller Wachmacher für unterwegs? SAT.1-Reporter Mathias Zellin forscht zusammen mit Kaffee-Expertin Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery nach, wie viel Kaffee und welche Zusatzstoffe wirklich in diesen Produkten sind.


Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery im Interview

Die e-learning Plattform 7Hauben fragt die Baristameisterin über Kaffee, Baristawettbewerbe und Coaching.


Perfekter Espresso; Barista verrät, wie er gelingt

Berlin. Er macht wach, wird in kleinen Tassen serviert und wurde in Italien erfunden: Der Espresso. In dem südeuropäischen Land bekommt man den Muntermacher zu jeder Tageszeit serviert. Doch wie gelingt der perfekte Espresso? Ich erkläre alles, was es zu beachten gilt.


I spoke to Ben Mitchell  from New Ground magazine sabout the art of steaming milk for coffee – and why it could be about to change.


Bumble Coffee könnte das Sommergetränk des Jahres werden. Die erfrischende Kaffee-Variante lässt sich simpel zubereiten und besteht aus nur zwei Zutaten.

Das Kaltgetränk "transportiert unglaublich viel Geschmack mit nur zwei Zutaten", findet Kaffee-Expertin Nicole Battefeld. Als German Brewers Cup Champion und von mit einem "Rolling-Pin Award" als "Barista des Jahres" ausgezeichnet, kennt sich die Berlinerin bestens mit dem Kaffee-Handwerk aus. Nachdem sie den Bumble Coffee auf ihrem Instagram-Profil geteilt hatte, erhielt die Kreation große Aufmerksamkeit. 

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Schwarzes Gold: Vom Muntermacher zum Lifestyle-Produkt

Ein Interview des Falstaff Gastronomie Magazins mit der Deutschen  Kaffee Meisterin und ihr Tipp zum Thema Kaffee einfrieren.

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Rezeptideen von der deutschen Kaffee Meisterin Nicole Battefeld Montgomery in Zusammenarbeit mit Van Houten Schokolade

Meet those who creatively push the boundaries of cacao and chocolate mixing. Those looking ahead to make their mark and contribute to the everlasting craft that is chocolate drinks.


"In Good Spirits With"-Talk mit Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery über Kaffee und Cocktails

Warum müssen wir also über Kaffee und Cocktails sprechen - und über Kaffee als Cocktailzutat? Mit Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery, einer der internationalen Finalisten des Wettbewerbs 2019, haben wir eine inspirierende Person und hervorragende Barista für unseren Talk gewonnen. Wir haben uns mit Nicole über den Wettbewerb selbst, aber auch über Kaffee als Zutat unterhalten.

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How to use a green coffee moisture metre

"“The main problem is when the moisture content is too low,” says Nicole, who is also a roaster and SCA trainer. “This may cause the beans to break during the roast and get baked or burned easily. Overall, the taste of dry coffee can be grassy, woody, and stale.”

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Interview with Comunicaffe

I was interviewed by international coffee publication, Comunicaffe about how I started my coffee journey, how the industry has changed for me over the years, and what lies ahead in the future.

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'Higher coffee prices may hit European cafes', Deutsche Welle

The cost of coffee is increasing for consumers – but what is causing it? I spoke to Deutsche Welle about the price of coffee, the fair trade model and taxation of coffee in Germany. 

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Coaching for coffee competitions has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire career! European Coffee Trip spoke to Vladyslav Demonenko, who I helped to coach in his journey to win 2nd place at the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship (2022).

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'A Guide to Roasting Coffee for Espresso Martinis', MTPak

“Espresso martinis have become a huge deal in the cocktail world,” explains Nicole.

“Now, it is being made with specialty coffee and high end ingredients such as a cold brew coffee liqueur and exquisite vodka or rye.

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“Mit einem Grundeinkommen würden mehr Menschen in der Gastro arbeiten”

It is difficult to understand that equal pay in a wealthy country like Germany is still a long way off; and in this context we also have to talk about unpaid care work. I spoke to Expedition Grundeinkommen about their ongoing project.

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'The indispensable role of women in coffee', New Ground

"There are so many incredible companies, initiatives and projects across the entire global coffee industry that are founded by, owned and run by women,” Nicole says. “By supporting them, you support a generation of women who are seeking to create a more inclusive industry.”

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'Barista-Anleitung: In 5 Schritten zum perfekten Espresso', Badische Zeitung

«In der Gegend gibt es fünf oder sechs Farmer, die sich gegenseitig pushten und sehr ehrgeizig waren», erzählt Nicole Battefeld. «So ging die Qualität absolut durch die Decke.»

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'Empowering Women in Coffee',
Coffee Magazine (South Africa)

Women are undervalued in the coffee space and it needs to change. I spoke to South African publication 'Coffee Magazine' about my experiences, women in coffee who inspire me and how we can create a more equal and fair industry.

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I spoke to the new coffee publication, NewGround about the value and necessity of properly caring for and maintaining your espresso machine.

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Five Unique Blogs that Show Different Sides of Coffee - Barista Magazine

One of the world's most renowned coffee publications, Barista Magazine featured my blog post as one of their 'Five Coffee Blogs Worth Reading', and also mentioned the 'She's the Barista' podcast! 

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In this article by MTPak Coffee, I contributed some thoughts on whether using recyclable materials for packaging has negative effects on the quality of specialty coffee.

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I spoke to renowned coffee packaging and technology company, MTPak Coffee about creating exciting and unique names for coffee blends, special releases and more,

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I contributed to an article by MTPak Coffee about whether specialty coffee roasters should offer decaffeinated (decaf) coffee, discussing the ways in which people are pushing for higher quality, low caffeine coffees.

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I was interviewed by MTPak Coffee about women in the coffee sector and what challenges we face. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this important topic! 

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A quality cup of coffee depends on a number of factors, from its variety and processing to the way it is ground and extracted. I spoke to MTPak Coffee about why temperature is so important, and how we can control it with our cups.


I was invited as a guest to the 'Barfly' programme on Radio Eins, hosted by Meryem Celik, to talk about coffee careers, women in hospitality and why you should be buying better beans.


It's been almost two and a half years since the World of Coffee expo in Berlin, where I represented Germany in the World Coffee in Good Spirits competition.

My journey was captured in the documentary 'The perfect coffee – fair trade and sustainable' by Deutsche Welle, which also explores coffee farms, production, trading and pricing.

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I spoke to Kahve Gazetesi in this Turkish coffee publication, sharing a bit of my history in the coffee industry and the changes I think are essential for the future. 

(Turkish and English)

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'Coffee Conversations - with Nicole Battefeld', WendelinDrinksCoffee

I spoke to my good friend and 2018 World Aeropress Champion, Wendelin van Bunnik about my start in coffee, lessons learned from competition and empowering women.

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Heitmann Kaffeereiniger

I teamed up with Daniel Fehlow to share Heitmann Hygiene's new machine cleaning tabs!

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"Kaffee- Anbau und Regionen", Sister Mag

Claudia Böttcher und ich haben einen Artikel für Sister Mag über den Anbau und die verschiedenen Regionen von Kaffee geschrieben! 

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'Why have coffee subscriptions become so popular?', MTPak

Why have coffee subscriptions become so popular? I spoke with the team from MTPak about the changing behaviour of consumers in specialty coffee.


"Günstiger Kaffee taugt nichts"

I spoke to the team from German Newspaper Der Tagesspiegel about a career in coffee, and why I chose to move to Australia to learn more about the industry.

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'Coffee Break', Romania

I was interviewed by Coffee Break magazine on coffee, competitions and my time living and working in Australia.


MTPak: Q&A with Nicole Battefeld

As an Ambassador for MTPak, I spoke to the team about my experience in the industry and what we need to improve it in the future.


Podcast: Anti-Coffee Coffee Club

I spoke to the team from the Anti-Coffee Coffee Club podcast about coffee, competitions and the role of women in the specialty coffee industry! 


Kaffeekolumne: Nicole Battefeld 

I spoke to just after my win at the 2018 German Barista Championship! 

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As the Bushfires Rage On, Australia’s Coffee Community Rallies

I spoke to Fresh Cup Magazine about how the 2019-2020 bushfires in Australia have been affecting the coffee industry.


World Coffee Events: Nicole Battefeld

My competitor profile from when I represented Germany at the World Coffee in Good Spirits (WCiGS) Championships in my home city, Berlin. 


Nicole Battefeld: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

I was lucky enough to be selected as part of Sprudge's 'Top 20' selection of some of the most influential people in coffee.

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TätoWier Magazine 

I don't just love coffee - I am really into tattoos! I modelled for Tätowier Magazin and spoke t them about some of my favourite tattoos.

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Barista Magazine: 10 Minutes With Nicole Battefeld

Wow, what an honour! I was interviews by Barista Magazine to talk coffee, competition and women in the coffee industry. 


European Coffee Trip: Barista Stories

I spoke to the team from European Coffee Trip about coffee, roasting and what it is like to work in Berlin!


CoffeeSomething: Nicole Battefeld ist Deutsche Baristameisterin 2018!

Following my win at the German Barista Championship, I was interviewed by the team from Coffee Something (German).


Amazing female baristas, roasters and entrepreneurs of Berlin - Nicole Battefeld

I spoke to the team from about coffee, competitions and what it's like to be a woman in the German coffee industry.

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