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Trend - What is the new coffee trend 2022?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The new year has only just begun and we should already be preparing for THE trend drink 2022!

Bumble coffee!

This drink is not only super easy to prepare but can also transport an incredible amount of taste with only 2 ingredients.

Based on the classic coffee shop combination of espresso and a glass of orange juice, these two ingredients are now simply mixed together. Visually, the coloring is reminiscent of a small bumblebee, which is where the drink gets its name from.

The quality of the ingredients is important.

The Bumble Coffee tastes best with freshly squeezed orange juice. The smoothness of the juice creates a soft and almost milky mouthfeel. Many consumers have even said it works almost like a milk alternative.

The coffee can either be a classic espresso or a highly concentrated cold brew or cold drip. It is important that the coffee is neither too bitter nor too fruity. South and Central American beans that have been dried and processed are best, preferably with a smooth and chocolatey flavor profile.

The gentle acidity of the orange juice plays perfectly with the chocolaty notes of the coffee and creates real fireworks in the mouth.

Here is a recipe suggestion:

150 ml freshly squeezed orange juice

1 double espresso or 40 ml cold drip

ice cubes

Put ice cubes in glass

Pour in the orange juice

add coffee

Does it all work warm?

Crazy way: YES! Even warm, the Bumble Coffee is simply delicious!

The orange juice can be easily heated with the steam lance and becomes very creamy!

The taste of the warm version is very reminiscent of fruity punch.

Both versions of the Bumble Coffee enhance every café menu, are innovative and super easy to implement.

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