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Hi, I'm Nicole.

I'm a barista, roaster, trainer and competitor in the specialty coffee industry. I currently live in Berlin, Germany working with Rancilio Group Deutschland GmbH.

When I'm not behind the bar making coffees, I'm making coffee-based cocktails and competing in barista, brewers cup and cocktail competitions around the world.

If you are interested in discussing training, cocktails, women in coffee, events, competitions and more, please get in touch! 

Coach (Ukraine), World Coffee in Good Spirits 2022 - 2nd place 
German Brewers Cup Championship 2022 - 1st place
German Cup Tasters Championship 2022 - 2nd place
'Barista des Jahres' 2021, Rolling Pin

SCA AST Barista Skills Trainer 2022-2025 
World Brewers Cup 2021 - 7th place
German Brewers Cup Championship 2021 - 1st place
World Coffee in Good Spirits 2019 - 5th place

German Barista Championship 2019 - 3rd place

German Barista Championship 2018 - 1st place

German Barista Championship 2017 - 2nd place

Rancilio Brand Ambassador and Head of Education

MTPak Ambassador 
BWT Ambassador

Founder, 'Female Barista Society'
Podcast host, 'She's The Barista'

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Concrete Structure

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