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'Wannsee Vodka' - WCiGS 2019

Wannsee is a big lake on the outskirts of Berlin, where everyone heads in summer to swim and enjoy the great weather!

This drink represents my Summer of 2019 and I really wanted to show it on the world stage. I prepared this drink for the 'Spirit Bar' round at the World Coffee in Good Spirits (WCiGS) championship and it resembles Berlin like no other drink for me.

Wannsee Vodka - image by @onthenorway


45g coffee (I used a natural processed Caturra from Finca Deborah, Panama. 19 clicks on Comandante, or a espresso-like setting)* Aeropress with Fellow attachment (you can also just make 4 espressos, but I like this method better)

100mL 95 degree water (filtered) 10 ml rose water

10 ml simple syrup

10 ml fresh cucumber juice

2 fresh kumquats, sliced in half

*We roasted this coffee more towards a espresso profile and on stage I used a Aeropress with a 'Crema Valve' attachment from Fellow products

Vodka infusion:

40mL Grey Goose vodka

A handful of Woodruff leaves (keep some aside for a garnish)

Cream gun

2 CO2 cream bulbs


1. Create your Vodka infusion using a cream charger gun - add the woodruff and 40 mL grey goose Vodka in the cream gun and place on the lid. Pressurise it with 2 bulbs of CO2 and leave to sit for 30 seconds.

2. Release the CO2 from the cream gun - try facing it upwards and covering the valve with a teatowel while you allow the gas to escape. Take off the lif and strain the vodka - it should taste so much like the woodruff, it's incredible.

3. Add ground coffee to Aeropress. Pour hot water over and stir rapidly for 10 seconds. Allow to sit for 30 seconds, then push the brew through the Fellow valve.

4. Add the vodka infusion, hot coffee and all other ingredients into a Boston shaker. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

5. Single strain into your serving glasses - I like using something shaped like a wine glass, to enhance the aroma.

6. Garnish with a fresh Woodruff leaf and enjoy the taste of Berlin summer! Look for tasting notes of iced tea, Berliner Weiße (one of my favourite beers with Woodruff) and chocolate.

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