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This was the first cocktail I made in Canberra, Australia after I moved there in October, 2019. I arrived in spring, so this drink was inspired by the local gin and the fresh fruits that I was eating at the time.

The name of this drink comes from an Australian sweet, called a 'Redskin' - it's a hard boiled, red lolly which is apparently really popular with kids. I still haven't tried one, but apparently this cocktail tastes just like it!


80 mL cold brew coffee*

20 mL elderflower liquor (I used Saint Germain)

40 mL strawberry shrub**

30 mL strawberry gin (I used Summer Gin from Poor Toms distillery)

50 mL IPA (the more floral, the better)

*cold brew coffee is really as simple as mixing ground coffee with cool filtered water and steeping it in the fridge over night. I have used 500 grams of a natural Ethiopian espresso on a medium grind setting with 2L of filtered water and let it steep for 16 hours.

**a shrub is a mix of sugar, fruits and acid which creates a sugar syrup with more depth due to the acidity. I have used 500g fresh chopped up strawberries on 250g of white sugar and 250 mL of apple cider vinegar. I mixed all ingredients in a bowl, covered it and let it sit overnight in the fridge. The next day I strained the liquid out and this is my shrub!


1. Combine the cold brew, elderflower liquer, shrub and gin in a Boston shaker. Add ice and shake for 30 seconds.

2. Add the IPA into the shaker and gently stir it in. Make sure you don't add it before you shake, otherwise you're in for a fizzy (and messy) surprise.

3. Single strain into a chilled martini glass and - enjoy!

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