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'Koala Treat'

During the last few weeks I've transformed more and more into a "I can make everything by myself" person. Making food, tattooing, producing my own cosmetics and especially ingredients for drinks.

I recently purchased a book on herbology and I've started searching for local herbs, plants and spices in my area. I've realised that there are so many eucalyptus trees in my area (I'm currently in Canberra, Australia) that I wanted to use them. I went out and collected eucalyptus leaves and made an oil out of it.

The recipe is very easy - you just need a bunch of leaves, oil and time! The immersion of the leaves and oil takes a minimum of 6 hours, so it's best to leave it overnight. Make sure you use a lid on the pot/saucepan you're using to make the eucalyptus oil, otherwise your house will smell like the Australian outback.

This recipe only requires 2g of the oil, but you can use the remainder to make nice cosmetics, as as essential oil and a future ingredient. Because the oil component is coconut oil, it has a low melting temperature - so on a warm day or in the sun, it will turn to liquid. I bottle mine and keep it the fridge or a cupboard.

Which coffee did I use?

I used a natural process Colombian geisha (filter roast) for this drink. Any coffee will do for this drink, as long as it has a lot of body, powerful flavour profile and long lasting aftertaste. Take this as an opportunity to experiment with your favourite coffees and see what the outcome is!


Coffee (30 mL) 40g coffee beans (I used a natural process Colombian geisha, filter roast) 100 mL water, 94 degrees

Grinder Espro Press (or a French press/plunger)

Eucalyptus oil (2g) 6 handfuls eucalyptus leaves

3 cups coconut oil Spirits

30 ml gin Meridor

30 ml De Kuyper peach liquor

30 ml Cinzano vermouth extra dry


1. To make the eucalyptus oil, collect a bunch of eucalyptus leaves (I collected about 6 handfuls). Wash the leaves, scrunch them with your hands so they break and release their oil, put all these leaves into a pot and cover them with oil. I've used coconut oil as I have a big pot of it at home, and it's pretty healthy as far as consumable oils go.

2. Keep the pot with the oil and the eucalyptus on very low heat for a minimum of 6 hours. Again, make sure you have a lid on the pot, or you will have to get used to your kitchen smelling like a koala's breakfast.

3. Strain everything in the pot through a cloth filter - it's messy and oily, so be warned. The oil should now be a bright green and smell very very intense, like eucalyptus.

4. To make the coffee, grind 40g of coffee beans (a fine grind, or 23 clicks on a Comandante grinder). Add to Espro Press, then add hot water. Stir 10 times and allow to steep (with the lid on) for 4 minutes. After this time has passed, press down and pour out your coffee into a vessel.

5. Combine 30 mL of your coffee brew, 2g eucalyptus oil and all spirits in a Boston shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

6. Single strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a eucalyptus leaf. Enjoy!

How does it taste? Seriously, it tastes like a chocolate bar with that hint of eucalyptus. Very delicious! Now I just have to find a koala to trial it on.

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