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Classic Espresso Martini

I love espresso martinis as it is THE cocktail to connect with your customers. And especially when making classic cocktails, your ingredients can change people's perception of how they experience the drink.

My three ingredients are all high end and you can definitely taste that. This is what specialty coffee and coffee in good spirits is all about. Making people fall in love with high quality ingredients and creating unforgettable moments.

This drink was inspired by my friend and former Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion, Martin Hudak. In addition to having one of the best bars in the world and being a great guy, he's also the global ambassador for Mr Black Cold Brew liquer.

Classic Espresso Martini - image supplied by Martin Hudak

Which espresso should you use?

If you have the chance to get your hands on a CM natural coffee*, do it! This coffees are great for mixing as they have enough body to really shine through the cocktail. Otherwise please use an espresso roast of a heavy, natural coffee. I never use robusta in any of my drinks and wouldn't really recommend it at all as it really dulls down the flavours of the cocktail. 

*CM means Carbonic Maceration. This means the coffee beans get placed into tanks where the oxygen is replaced by CO2. In this environment, the fermentation can be slowed down and extended for longer periods of time which creates more fruit sugars. It's a technique used in wine production, and it does wonders for coffee. These coffees have so much depth and taste a bit boozy anyway, great for mixing with spirits.


30 mL espresso*

30 mL Caramel Vodka (I used Underground Spirits from Canberra).

30 ml Mr Black cold brew coffee liquor

*I used the 'Cherry Pie' blend from ONA Coffee. If you can't find this blend, use another CM processed coffee, or a natural processed coffee with big fruit qualities. My recipe was 21g in, on 38g out in 28 seconds if you use a 20g basket.


1. Add all ingredients into a Boston shaker with ice

2. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds and single train into chilled martini glass.

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