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This drink was inspired by two of my favourite things in the world: the first one is the coffee, the second my love to Italy! 

I always loved Italian food (and I do think I make the best ever tiramisu in the whole world, if I say so myself). So this is why I wanted to make a desert like cocktail. To get this rich sweetness I have made my own vegan dulce de leche - imagine caramelised, condensed milk.

About the coffee:

I am using the 'Cherry Pie' limited release espresso blend, roasted by ONA Coffee. This special release tastes so much like cherry, it is incredible! But, I am not using it as an espresso - as this is going to be a perfect example for a warm coffee cocktail, I am going to use a filter coffee machine (in my case the Moccamaster Classic) to get more volume. 


Vegan dulce de leche 500mL oat milk

250g sugar Coffee 60g 'Cherry Pie' coffee (if you can't get this blend, use something which has a strong red fruit character, like red berries or cherry)

330mL water

Moccamaster Classic machine (if you don't have a filter machine, use a V60 or Clever Dripper to make filter coffee(s).)


30 ml white rum (Bacardi)

20 ml PX sherry

20 ml Mr Black cold brew liquor 

30 ml chambord 


1. To make the dulce de leche, combine the oatmilk and sugar in a saucepan and place on medium heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, then reduce heat to low and allow to reduce for 30 minutes. You want it to have a thick consistency, similar to a condensed milk. When it has reached this, take it off heat and set aside. This reduction will keep for at least 3 months if you keep it refrigerated in a sealed container or jar, so you can use it for many many things (and it's freakin' delicious).

2. Grind the coffee (around 19 clicks on the comandante, or a medium fine espresso setting on another grinder). Add 330 ml water and let the Moccamaster work its magic. It should take about 4-5 minutes.

3. Combine the coffee, spirits and 20mL of your vegan dulce de leche in a large vessel (I use the Moccamaster carafe, as the coffee is already in it. Swirl throughly - if the coffee is still hot, the dulce de leche should melt through nicely.

4. Serve warm in your favourite cup. I like to use ceramic cappuccino cups because they're nice and easy to hold - something with a good heat retention would be best, as the drink is best enjoyed when warm.

How does it taste?

Incredible. Trust me. Try it yourself.

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