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'Boskop 43' - WCigS 2019

I created this drink to serve at the Spirit Bar, the first component of the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships. Competitors roll a dice and depending on which side the dice lands (each side has a sponsored spirit on it), they have to create a different drink!

The 'Boskop 43' is named after two components - Boskop apples (my favourite apple, and a native apple to Germany) and Licor 43, a Spanish liquer which was the major sponsor for the WCiGS event.

Boskop 43 - Image by @onthenorway

Ingredients and tools:

Aeropress Fellow Prismo Aeropress cap 50g coffee (Natural Caturra, Panama)

150mL 97 degree water BOSKOP SHRUB 3 tbsp Boskop apples, finely chopped

2g fennel seeds (to add herbal sweetness) 1 cL Da Vinci simple syrup

1.5 cL apple vinegar

1.5 cL fino sherry Cream gun

2 CO2 bulbs (for cream gun) Boston Shaker Ice cubes (10 should be fine) 2 cL Licor 43 Baristo 5 cL IPA


1. Ensure that your Fellow Prismo cap is on your Aeropress, and that your Aeropress is atop a sturdy vessel which can take the weight of your pushing.

2. Grind your coffee for espresso and add it to your Aeropress. Add the hot water and stir for 30 seconds - this will increase the body of the brew. Place on the top half of the Aeropress and set a timer for 2 minutes.

3. To make the Boskop Shrub, combine apples, fennel seeds, apple vinegar and sherry in a cream gun. Place on the lid and charge the gun with the two CO2 bulbs. Leave to infuse.

4. By now, your Aeropress will be ready. Push the Aeropress down - I find that pushing in waves will allow you to get more texture in your brew. When pushed all the way through, you should have a small amount of liquid which weighs about 40g. Add this to your Boston Shaker.

5. Depressurise the cream gun that contains your infusion - it is best to face it upwards and cover the nozzle with a cloth when doing so. When all the gas is out, remove the lid and filter the contents through a bar strainer into the Boston Shaker. Discard the apples and fennel seeds in your strainer.

6. Add 2cL Licor 43 Baristo to the Boston Shaker. This will add a velvety and creamy mouthfeel and hints of chocolate. Add ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

7. Add the 5 cL of IPA. Gently mix with a bar spoon, and then single strain into a glass and serve immediately. A medium thickness should form on your drink.

Look for tasting notes of

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